Testimonials of students, parents, and others

"This class is good because it gives me a good opportunity to prepare for the S.A.T.'s. I like the fact that everyday we get more S.A.T. practice. I also like the thorough explanations that the teacher gives."

"I really like this class because our teacher always explains a problem if we don't know it. She also lets us do problems on the board. I think that this is a very good way of teaching! I always learn something new!"

"I think this class is very educational. I like how I get to come up to the board and do some problems."

"I really like this class because it teaches me a lot. It helps me out in school and I also have a lot of fun. I get to be with my friends an extra day and I learn."

"I am very thankful for everything that you have taught me, which was a lot. Thank you very much for your help and warmth, for your kindness, attention, and love. You were not only my teacher but also a friend, one that helped me much in life. I wish you luck in continuing to teach and help our kids."

"Thank you for your guidance throughout all these years. You are a fabulous teacher who has touched our lives in so many ways. All of us from the '05 class will always remember you!"